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Sleeper Sofas

Contemporary Luxury Designer Sleeper Sofas from Italy are featured in this sophisticated selection by Cassoni. Luxury High-end Sofa Beds from Italy created with the best materials and high-end technology systems making it easy and effortless to open and close. Ideal for Contemporary and luxurious Houses that need some extra space and are planned to have multi-purpose rooms.

A good example is the Italian Luxury Kubic Class Sleeper Sofa, a modular piece of exclusive furniture very advanced and versatile for multipurpose ambiances. Luxury designer High-end Sofa Beds that gently transforms from a comfortable sofa to a bed worth of laying on, accentuating the high quality of this Contemporary Italian Furniture Collection with these classy luxury designer sleeper sofas.

Find this and more Italian Designer Sofa Beds and High-end Sleeper Sofas from Italy here, at Cassoni.

Made in Italy.
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The high-end Italian designer Hills sleeper sofa has been designed to function akin to a 'locus', &n..

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