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TV Stands

Glamour Italian Designer Luxury TV Stands are to be found here, at Cassoni. Designer High-end Entertainment Centers from Italy designed by the best Italian creatives and artisans from Italy, made with trend technologies and high-quality materials. This Glamour Italian Furniture collection also includes luxury high-end TV-Mirrors completely hiding the TV.

The luxury Italian Ghost TV Mirror is an elegant and luxurious piece of this sophisticated Furniture collection. Made by Italian artisans, it's a black reflective mirror that hides a TV, with frame in leather with quilted or smooth finish. Details in steel or bronze. Very classy and elegant Glamour Italian Furniture.

Find the best collection of Italian High-end Luxury TV Stands, Designer TV Mirrors and cutting-edge Entertainment Centers here, at Cassoni.

Made in Italy.
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Armand TV Stand $ $ $ $ $

Here is the exclusive Italian Armand TV stand with elegant doors and drawers with handles in marble...

Blade Tv Stand $ $ $ $ $

Blade is a luxury Italian designer tv stand with structure in Ebony wood or covered in leather. Door..

Byron TV Cabinet $ $ $ $ $

TV Stand made of MDF 7/8" thick matt lacquered.Solid wood frame covered in quilted leather.Available..

Casanova TV Mirror $ $ $ $ $

This high-end Casanova Mirror TV container comes with the mirror in the exclusive Supersilver glass ..

Ghost TV Mirror $ $ $ $ $

Ghost is a sophisticated Italian black reflective mirror designed for insert TV. The refined frame i..

Island TV Stand $ $ $ $ $

Island is a splendid TV Stand in glossy ebony and Vetrite. This stylish piece of Italian furniture h..


San Marco TV Stand $ $ $ $ $

Designer Italian San Marco low sideboard or TV stand with wooden structure in the luxury Canaletto w..

Tatin TV Cabinet $ $ $ $ $

The innovative Italian Tatin suspended TV cabinet, has a LED light and one sliding door that comes w..

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