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Aïku Stool


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Product Code: cas-mdf-aïku-stool-01

AÏKU comes from the Japanese word “haiku” ( 俳句), and it means a short poem generally composed of three verses. Wonderful poems that in a few words express remarkable meanings; a simple poem, with no lexical frills and conjunctions, taking its strength from suggestions.

An Italian versatile family of stools of great impact and comfort completing the Aïku and Aïku Soft collection.

Two versions are available:

Aïku (with two-color shell): Shell made from two-color polypropylene through injection-moulding, mass pigmented with double finish; gloss outside, in black and white colors, inside with matt saffiano effect in different colors.

. With gloss white external shell, the inside is available in: light grey, sugar paper blue, olive green or dove grey.
. With gloss black external shell, the inside is available in: dark grey or military green.

Aïku Soft (with padded shell): Injection moulded polypropylene body, cold moulded padding shaped and applied on the load-bearing piece. The cover is not removable and covers the shell completely.

This elegant model features a 4-legged base in solid oak with a natural, bleached or brown finish. It comes with a refined footrest in chromed steel for all color options. The seat height is available in two different sizes. Also, for more comfort, a padded pad is available upon request. With a sophisticated Modern style, Aïku stool was conceived for homes, restaurants, in particular, is recommended next to kitchen counters, bars and get-together areas, and collective spaces.
Made in Italy.

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