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Qubit Bookcase


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Product Code: cas-mdf-qubit-bookcase-01

The innovative Qubit bookcase is inspired by the complexity of the time we live in. The multiplicity of points of view is often present in many moments of our everyday lives. Its geometrical shape makes it a kind of microarchitecture, whose design has been created to compose a sequence, without noticing the repeating of the single modules.

A stylish Modern furniture that can be used as a partition, or it can be set against a wall. A single modular element with parallel installation (W63), with two faces and different heights. This reversibility allows, by setting multiple modules alongside one another, to give continuity or discontinuity to shelves and volumes, to empty and solid spaces, and to create larger compositions. The elements are made of medium density wood fibres, thickness 3/8” and 1/4” and 1” plinth with +/- 3/8” adjustable steel feet and steel counterweight. The use of a counterweight, in the high and medium versions, allows the installation in the middle of a room or against a wall, with no need for fastening. This peculiarity provides extra value to the Qubit collection, increasing its possibilities of configuration and customization. It can be changed again and again after purchasing it and offers the final customer greater freedom of expression and possibility to fit into any environment.

Qubit is available in two fix colour options, always creating contrast between the elements. Specifically:- Micro-goffered matt white lacquered structure, with vertical partitions in black open-pore stained ash.- Micro-goffered matt lead grey lacquered structure, with gold lacquered vertical partitions. This refined Italian piece will fit perfectly in both the domestic environment and in working spaces.
Made in Italy.

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