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Astor Extendable table


The high-end Italian designer Astor extendable table has a telescopic opening system. When the table is closed, the wooden strips which make up the top are spaced apart with thin aluminum inserts. Extending the table requires only a quick pull at one or both of its ends. The wooden strips distance themselves in a uniform manner, revealing the previously hidden aluminum sections. The top of this Contemporary Italian collection is made up of extruded profiles made from anodized aluminum, 1/8” thick, with side caps made from polycarbonate; and of strips,1/8” thick, laminated at high pressure and veneered, made from either stained beech veneer or walnut. The wood and aluminum are bonded together using solvent-free polyurethane adhesive. The trestle is made from stained solid natural beech or walnut veneer.

Made in Italy

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Product Code: cas-hor-astor_extendable_table-01


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