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Hastings Chandelier

Hastings was born from a game of mirrors; this chandelier reminds of bow used in ancient medieval battles: two vertically opposed arms join the lampshade and their ends are hooked to a steel wire which helps giving it an unmistakable shape. The lampshades – with a Plexiglas screen at the base – are on different levels and, in models with three, five, and seven lights, give the illusion of a spiral in motion. On the other hand, the model with two lights is flat. A more traditional version has all lampshades on one level, and the ends of the arms are inserted on chromed steel circular plates. On all models (ten in total) the wiring on the top is visible, covered with a special fabric. The light source within each lampshade is a 13-watt LED (included with the chandelier), which guarantees an illuminating power equal to a 85 watt bulb.

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