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100 Suspension Lamp


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    Pendant: 5"7/8 - 7"1/2 aprox. / Fixed length up to 118”1/8 standard.
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Product Code: cas-boc-100-suspension-lamp-04

Here is the innovative 100 suspension lamp available with 11, 16, 20 or 28 pendants. This Italian lighting is created with refined molten glass bubbles which are prepared one by one and then fused together to produce unpredictable interlocking glass forms.

Each individual pendant is made from blown glass (clear or grey) that houses a 1.5W LED lamp (2000K, 2500K or 3500K) and comes with 10' / 3 m of braided metal coaxial cable. Extra coax lengths (maximum length is 100’) is available as an optional. Versatile and elegant, this exclusive lighting piece will surely embellish any area with a sophisticated Contemporary style.
Designed by Bocci.

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