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28 Stem Ceiling Lamp


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    Pendant: 6"1/2 aprox.
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Product Code: cas-boc-28-stem-ceiling-lamp-01
The 28 Stem ceiling and ceiling to floor lamp comes with structure in black or brass finish with a 3”5/8 diameter mounting plate rated for ceiling use. Made with clear glass exterior spheres and milk white interior lamp holder cavities, pendants comes in clear or colored glass. This exclusive lighting is created as a result from a complex glass blowing technique whereby air pressure is intermittently introduced into and then removed from a glass matrix which is intermittently heated and then rapidly cooled. The result is a distorted spherical shape with a composed collection of imploded inner shapes, one of which acts as a shade for the light source. A refined lamp ideal for sophisticated Interior Designer projects.
Designed by Bocci.

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