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57 Stem Floor to Ceiling Lamp


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    Pendant: between 4” and 6”1/2
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Product Code: cas-boc-57-stem-ceiling-lamp-02

The high-end 57 Stem floor to ceiling lamp comes with a high-end structure in a black or brass finish. The exclusive pendants are available in grey or white opaline glass or mirrored glass. White opaline pendant comes with an additional light source. This exclusive Contemporary lighting is an exploration of a technique used for producing closed cell foam. The process involves trapping voids of air of different sizes and configurations with in a glass matrix, yielding a shape loosely referencing a rain cloud. These pocket soft air remain invisible when the piece is off, but comes alive to reveal an interior universe when the piece is illuminated. By virtue of the fabrication process, each piece is completely unique. The 57 stem floor to ceiling lamp is a versatile option to enhance elegant spaces.
Designed by Bocci.

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