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28 Semi Rigid Suspension Lamp


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    Pendant: 6"1/2 approx. / Adjustable length up to 118”1/8 standard / Optional extra coax length (maximum length is 80').
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Product Code: cas-boc-28-semi-rigid-suspension-lamp-01

The refined 28 Semi Rigid suspension lamp was designed to be horizontal, meaning that the pendants don’t hang directly below, but instead trail off across a space, around a corner or simply deviate from their gravitational directive. As such, this fixture is designed to be hung from any number of optional swag points mounted elsewhere from the canopy.

Stylish standard 28s are made with clear glass exterior spheres and milk white interior lamp holder cavities. 28s are possible with infinite versatility in color compositions, sizes and shapes.

This sophisticated model is a flexible suspension system that enables pendants to be nestled in close-knit groups or loosely composed in a wider field, allowing each piece to be perceived individually. An elegant and luxury option to add a Contemporary style to any ambience.
Designed by Bocci.

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