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Ludo Table Lamp

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Here you have a designer table lamp that belongs to an exclusive Italian collection named Ludo. A refined cylinder, interrupted by a slit with an adjustable opening, that conceals a band of light inside. The dimming is mechanical and is obtained through a rotation gesture: the luminous portion of the lamp increases as the upper part moves away from the lower section. Also, a versatile spool where the power cord can be wound, is available as an optional, a detail that is not only functional but also aesthetic. The design of this Contemporary lamp  gives an elegance and a formal simplicity, it is embellished by the use of classic finishes such as painted metal and two other more particular ones: Candoglia marble powder and lava stone powder. An elegant Italian lighting, perfect for any interior designer project.
Made in Italy.

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Product Code: cas-pen-ludo-table-lamp-01

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