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The Lightning Archives Floor Lamp


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    Dimensions: 14"5/8W  x  8"1/4D  x  63"H
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Product Code: cas-sla-the-lightning-archives-floor-lamp-01

The Lightning Archives is an exclusive collection of 7 extravagant lamps, illuminated by a strong, surrealist identity born of creative expression: luscious smiling lips, dancing animal skeletons, pop-art fruit, references to the Renaissance and superstitious frights, are all part of the iconic quotidian. Dense metaphoric suggestions, transposed cult references and two-dimensional forms take on depth when printed on transparent Cristalfex® superimposed on an Opalfex® layer, transmitting the light uniformly.

The result is a complete work of art, bathed in semantics, a mix of luxury Italian lighting and innovative decor coming together as the highest manifestation of pop culture. Made in Italy.