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Rock Bar Table


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    Dimensions: Ø 31"1/2 x 43"1/4H
    Base: Ø13"3/8
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Product Code: cas-mdf-rock-bar-table-01

The iconic Italian Rock bar table, with its fluid and elegant silhouette, completely reveals the nature of what it represents: “a round bar table” that seems to float above a solid, inorganic base. A mixture of natural and industrial materials that are blended to create a new product with a smooth design, following the same philosophy of Flow collection.

This refined furniture comes with a high-end base made of UHPFRC (ultra-high performance fiber-reinforced cement) with cutting-edge technical/structural properties. Available in natural, anthracite, green or terracotta colored cement. A fundamental characteristic of the components is mass coloration.

The finish and color of the table bases is the result of a skilled mixture of sand and natural elements. Together with the slow maturation and drying given to each piece, this allows countless subtle shades to be obtained. The combination of this particular material and the maturation process, which is affected by weather changes, may result in visual irregularities in the design and in the color.

The subtle shades and the lack of uniformity in surface and color are to be considered unique properties enhancing the value of the piece. Each piece is different, each piece is original and unique, and the color of the quarry is guaranteed not to change, even if the piece is affected by abrasive, polluting or atmospheric agents. The coupling between the base and the joining tube of the table is peculiar and represents a pleasant and technical/visual detail. The components - the joining tube and the flange under the tabletop - are made of aluminum and are powder-coated with matt white, graphite grey, orange or green lacquer.

This bar table is available with a high-end narrow  base (with outer dimension of 13”3/8 at floor level).

The sophisticated top is offered in:
. CEMENT: In white or anthracite UHPFRC cement (ultra high performance, fiber reinforced cement), with high technical / structural characteristics.
. STONE CHIP CEMENT: in UHPFRC (ultra high performance, fibre reinforced cement), with high technical / structural characteristics, colored in mass using natural oxides, enhanced with a stone chip surface made up of Alpine rocks and stones (white and green stone chip top), or stone chip made up of stones from Tuscany (terracotta top).

Versatile and innovative, here you have the perfect table to enhance any outdoor or indoor space with a Modern style. Made in Italy.

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