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Lounge Chairs

This Cassoni selection of High-end Lighted Lounge Chairs for outdoor areas is created by top designers with much inspiration and trend designs. With the latest in technology, these Outdoor Seats are cutting-edge Contemporary pieces that will stand out in any high-end design project.

For example, the FAZ Lounge Chair transmits a powerful essence, creating outstanding surroundings with beautiful lighting and compositions.

Contemporary Outdoor Lighted Lounge Chairs and more High-end Furniture here, at Cassoni.
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Blow Lounge Chair

Best Seller

Blow Collection designed by Stefano Giovannoni comes from the willing to develop a new family o..

FAZ Lounge Chair

The modularity of FAZ collection permits to adapt the furniture and flowerpots to the style and need..

Pezzettina Lounge Chair

Pezzettina is a collection inspired by nature, expressed in a unique and original product with fluid..

Pillow Lounge Chair

Stefano Giovannoni, one of the World’s most prestigious designers, designs a great chill out furnitu..

Rest Lounge Chair

This whole collection is inspired in "OrigamI", the Japanese art based on folding paper to get diffe..

UFO Lounge Chair

The collection results from “genetic mutation experiments” between the iconic languages of pagodas a..

ULM Lounge Chair

 A collection fashioned as the new norm with an inherit universal and logical appeal. A functio..

Vela Lounge Chair

VELA is an extensive collection of furniture and planters that seeks to offer the comfort and the wa..

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