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Key West Composition 01


The Key West is a high-end Italian designer collection that offers various definitions.
The design and materials used, the sunrope and aluminum in the light shade “CIPRIA”, suggest an aesthetic stylishness and a touch of distinctive elegance, expression of pleasure of living in a comfortable and glamorous space.
The various luxury elements can be easily and quickly assembled, removed, separated and re-inserted into unlimited combinations.
The heat treated ash-wood beams are the functional and aesthetic connections for the various elements: they outline the surroundings, allow separations, enrich the furnishing elements with the warm wood outdoor resistant.
Ideas that generate new ideas.
An excellent idea to create a sophisticated Outdoor recreation space.
Made in Italy.

Composed by: 2 big wooden beams + 1 small wooden beam + 2 lounge chairs + 1 sofa, 2 seaters + 1 sofa, 3 seaters + 4 armrests + 1 square coffee table + 1 rectangular planter + 1 round planter + 1 round tray + 1twin-tables + 2 screen dividers + 1 low coffee table.

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