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Key West Composition 11


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Key West is a high-end Italian designer collection that offers unlimited furnishing solutions for outdoor areas, allowing a variety of compositions even in very large spaces, creating different meeting points, independent from each other or connected by the innovative beams.

The double beams are made of Iroko, a special hard and resistant wood, and supplied with a foot that keeps them raised from the floor. They act as functional and aesthetic connections for the various elements, giving them a special touch. All accessories and furniture units can be inserted into the beam or live apart.

a. composed by: 1 small wooden beam + 1 sofa, 3 seaters + 1 big round ottoman + 1 rectangular planter or 1 round planter + 2 square coffee table.

b. composed by: 1 small wooden beam + 2 lounge chairs + 2 armrests + 1 twin-tables.
c. composed by: 1 small wooden beam + 1 sofa, 2 seaters + 1 round tray + 2 screen divider.

d. composed by: 1 big wooden beam + 3 small round ottoman + 1 round tray.

*Optional Sunshade (art. 4261) for all compositions.

    Seat Height: 16"1/8
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Product Code: cas-rr-key-west-composition-11

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