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Calypso Lounge Sofa


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Product Code: cas-rb-calypso-lounge-sofa-01

The elegant Calypso Lounge Sofa features a teak base and a U-shaped or L-shaped stainless steel backrest that can be easily detached from the base, allowing for compact storage as well as for easy and quick removal of the upholstery for cleaning. This high-end sofa is presented in two refined versions, one with padded covers that can easily be zipped on and off to allow for cleaning and winter storage, and, for those who are more into the natural look and feel of woven fibers, a version with an original KRISKROS weaving pattern, using three different tones of synthetic outdoor fibers that blend together perfectly. Available in two-seater and three-seater versions, Calypso Lounge is a perfect choice to create sophisticated exterior lounge areas.

Designed by Royal Botania.

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