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73 Suspension Lamp

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73 is a sophisticated suspension lamp made with blown glass, braided metal coaxial cable and a brushed nickel or white powder coated canopy. It results from blowing liquid glass into a folded and highly heat-resistant ceramic fabric vessel. The resulting shape has a formal and textural expression intuitively associated with fabric, which becomes permanent and rigid as it cools. A flat LED is positioned to fill the resulting volume with diffuse light, accentuating the volumetric perception of the piece. A flexible suspension system enables pendants to be nestled in close-knit groups or loosely composed in a wider field, allowing each piece to be perceived individually. The refined pendants are available in clear, grey 1, grey 2 or grey 3. Blue or green pendants are also available. An excellent option for any Contemporary space.
Designed by Bocci.

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Product Code: cas-boc-73-suspension-lamp-02

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