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Mira Floor Lamp

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Mira is an exclusive Italian collection of table and floor lamps. The object is formed by a base and an electrified painted metal stem on which the diffusers are positioned along the entire length. In this designer floor lamp, the dimmable light diffusers can vary from one to three and can be freely positioned using an elegant detailed leather handle: a concept that allows maximum flexibility in choosing how the light is distributed. Once positioned on the rod, they can rotate in two different directions at 360 degrees around the stem or on themselves in order to orient the cone either upwards or downwards. When the lamp is on, the diffusers continue to give off light even when they are moved along the entire length of the rod. The formal simplicity of this Contemporary lighting design, hides a sophisticated technological content.
Made in Italy.

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Product Code: cas-pen-mira-floor-lamp-01

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