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T1.1 & T1.8 Black/Bronze Pool Table


Luxury Italian T1.1 or T1.8 Pool Table with crystal sheets sculpted into an elegant, streamlined shape. This stylish pool table is seriously artistic yet endlessly entertaining. The light dances across its handcrafted surfaces, courting you to take up a cue and experience a whole new game. The elegant T1.1 and T1.8 present a minimalist look that knows how to have fun. Its aluminum rails, with black anodized or light bronze finish, emphasize the table’s sleek lines and form. The glass plate legs with beveled edges ensure its stability. These legs slide into the open pore lacquered black oak that have carved grooves for securing the glass and hiding the perfect regulation system.

High-end T1.1 and T1.8 Pool table with playing field made of a single sheet of tempered crystal. Playing surface cloth in worsted wool Simonis® 860™, available in 25 colors. Installation of a soundproofing polyurethane layer below the cloth. Solid aluminum rails with black anodized or light bronze finish. Each table created using only computer numerical control (CNC) machines which ensure unrivaled precision. Polyurethane bumpers. Classic pockets have been replaced by highly flexible polyurethane pockets that can hold three playing balls and return to their original shape when emptied. The legs of this Italian pool table are made of clear tempered crystal with double-bevel edges. The incline of the crystal legs differs slightly between the 9 and 8 feet table sizes. Bases in solid oak which has been ebonized (a reaction that turns black the open pore wood) with a shiny stainless steel structure. Precise leveling system utilizing 12 screws hidden inside the table’s wooden base.

Included accessories: Pool Balls and Game Triangle.
Optional accessories: Cue Rack and Cues.

The perfect luxury pool table for sophisticated game rooms to create the best entertainment design projects. Made in Italy.

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