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Planer Table

Italian Planer Table with high-end base in titanium, graphite or black embossed lacquered steel or Brushed Bronze.
The top of this luxury table is 5/8” thick and comes in clear, extra clear, extra clear glass with reversed beveled edges, bronze mirrored or fumé mirrored glass finish. The glass top is 1/2” thick on 71”5/8x35”3/8 and 78”3/4x41”3/4 versions.
This sophisticated Italian table has its top laid on the base.
Marks-free mirrored surface can be compared to a regular glass top. Small scratches and marks caused by the daily use can be enhanced by the effect of the light reflected and cannot be considered as defects or manufacturing flaws.
The refined base of this luxury Italian furniture piece is unique, standing out in any elegant dining room area.
Made in Italy.

Important Notes:
- Only sizes I) Shaped: 94”1/2W x 47”1/4D x 29”1/2H and K) Rectangular: 118”1/8W x 47”1/4D x 29”1/2H are available with Top in Extra Clear Glass with Reversed Beveled Edges.
- Only sizes I) Shaped: 94”1/2W x 47”1/4D x 29”1/2H and L) Shaped: 118”1/8W x 47”1/4D x 29”1/2H are available with Top in Mirrored Fumé or Mirrored Bronze Glass.

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Product Code: cas-ci-planer-table-02


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