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Taif Chandelier

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Taif was created in 1980 for the home of the Saudi king in the eponymous city of Taif, whence comes the name. Angelo Barovier, who conceived the design, rethought the image of the traditional Murano chandelier, preserving the value of blown glass while incorporating new languages. An amalgam, then, of tradition and creativity, of memory and innovation, from which blossoms the time-tested equilibrium of the classical.
Stylish ceiling-light, with hanging lamp and wall-light to match.

Six, nine, twelve and eighteen-light options, with chromed metal finishings 8 gilded finishings for the gold color).
Available colors: Black, White, Grey, Crystal, Red, Violet, Bluastro, Liquid Orange, Liquid Yellow, Liquid Green, Gold or Galvanized Gold.

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Product Code: cas-bar-taif_chandelier-01

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