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La Grande Table

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A unique Italian table made with a curved natural aluminum sheet, available in the finishes: matt painted aluminum, matt painted white or gloss painted white that surprises thanks to its slender proportions and lightness.

Besides assuring the lateral and longitudinal stability of the table, the high-end reinforcement beams (in height 2”3/4 with tables to 94”1/2 and in height 3”3/4 with larger sizes) and the supporting L-shaped profiles make it possible to have pieces of different thicknesses according to size, thus further improving them visually: in 31”1/2 depth tables the aluminum thickness is 1/8”, in the 35”3/8 depth tables the aluminum thickness is 1/4”.

The design of the table and the peculiarity of the bending in the aluminum sheet produce structural curvatures in the table top both in length and transversally. Such curvatures are a specific feature of the table.

Linear style and timeless design allow La Grande Table to adapt to different styles of furniture and to integrate with the surrounding environment.
Made in Italy.

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Product Code: cas-mdf-la-grande-table-01

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