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Apollo Pet Bed $ $ $ $ $

Apollo is a designer pet bed formed by the union of two turned steel half spheres, skillfully and ir..

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Atomo Pet Bed $ $ $ $ $

The luxury Atomo pet bed is a designer piece made of raw steel: several geometric shapes are joint b..

New Arrival

Dedalo Pet Bed $ $ $ $ $

The unique Dedalo is an original designer spherical pet bed formed by several cold bent steel strips..

New Arrival

Firenze Pet Bed $ $ $ $ $

Luxury and hand-crafted Italian Firenze pet bed with elegant structure in steam-bent solid plywood, ..

New Arrival

Garda Lux Mosaic Pet Bed $ $ $ $ $

Elegant and glamorous, the Garda Lux Mosaic decorative bed for pets is made of steam-bent plywood, c..

New Arrival

Garda Pet Bed $ $ $ $ $

Contemporary Italian Garda Pet bed with hand-crafted structure with sinuous forms, made of 3/4” thic..

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Giotto Pet Bed $ $ $ $ $

The luxury Italian Giotto pet bed has a stylish structure with sinuous form, hand-crafted in steam-b..

New Arrival

Ira Pet Bed $ $ $ $ $

This Italian designer Ira pet bed has a Modern, spherical structure made of raw steel, heated on a f..

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Milano Pet Bed $ $ $ $ $

The Italian designer Milano pet bed is made of 1/8” thick cast high quality methacrylate, with elega..

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Mini Giotto Pet Bed $ $ $ $ $

The luxury Italian Mini Giotto pet bed has a stylish structure with sinuous form, hand-crafted in st..

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Sesia Pet Bed $ $ $ $ $

The Modern Sesia pet bed has an elegant and minimal design created from circular smooth forms obtain..

New Arrival

Verona Pet Bed $ $ $ $ $

The elegant structure of the Verona Pet Bed has sinuous forms, hand-crafted in high quality steam-be..

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