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Tense Material Table


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    Table height: 28"3/4
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Product Code: cas-mdf-tense-material-table-02

Tense Material is the name of an Italian versatile collection of tables with mono-material finishes. The important technological innovation it incorporates, combined with the tensioning capacity of the components makes it possible to build tabletops in large sizes which remain perfectly flat and also extremely light.

The 1”3/8 thick tabletop of this refined dining table, is a load-bearing composite board built with an internal frame consisting of either aluminum profiles and polystyrene filler, except for the brass top which has an acrylic resin honeycomb filling covered with two outer layers of aluminum. 1”3/8x1”3/8 steel legs with internal structural tie-rod.

Frame and tabletops are available in:. Diamond (glossy red): an innovative material processing and stratification technique that showcases the top, its qualities and the depth of the color. The material stratification process is based on a special mass-colored concrete resin around 1/8 in thickness which is expertly combined with a binder and applied by hand all over the top in a deliberately irregular and non-uniform way. The subsequent combination of the black patina, rough, dynamic and with lots of shadowy areas, and the surface finish consisting of various layers of polyester, extremely thick, smooth and very glossy, creates an original lens effect notable for its color and depth. Surface, edges and legs with application of 1/8” thick material composed of a mass colored cement base and surface finish in glossy polyester.

With an elegant Modern style, this Italian piece es perfect to enhance any sophisticated dining area.
Made in Italy.

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