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At CASSONI you will find the best Italian Furniture, high end Lighting & Outdoor designs with more than 100 Luxury Brands represented. Designer Furniture & Lighting Made in Italy.


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New Arrival

Vega Armchair $ $ $ $ $

Part of the Star System collection of Italian armchairs, lounge chairs and stools, here is Vega, a v..

New Arrival

Impact Bed $ $ $ $ $

Impact is a sophisticated Italian double bed characterized by the stylish section in brass or gold f..

New Arrival

Olos Nightstand $ $ $ $ $

Simple and functional, here is a designer nightstand that stands out for its curved wood top which g..

New Arrival

Mellow 400 $ $ $ $ $

Part of the Italian Mellow family, this fixed table stands out for its large size. The high-end cent..

New Arrival

Moon Coffee Table $ $ $ $ $

The Italian Moon coffee table stands out for its pure Japanese-inspired lines. The simplicity of the..

New Arrival

Dune Table $ $ $ $ $

Dune is a luxury Italian dining table with a unique base composed of 3/4” thick extra-clear glass la..

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