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At CASSONI you will find the best Italian Furniture, high end Lighting & Outdoor designs with more than 100 Luxury Brands represented. Designer Furniture & Lighting Made in Italy.

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Mobius Lounge Chair $ $ $ $ $

Stylish and versatile, Mobius lounge chair’s main characteristic is its enveloping shape. The fabulo..

New Arrival

Link Shelf $ $ $ $ $

The Italian Link shelf is associated with the evolution of current design concept, that goes beyond ..

New Arrival

Flow Armchair $ $ $ $ $

Flow is the name of an Italian family of seatings of great impact and comfort. Designed for the home..

New Arrival

Lady Lounge Chair $ $ $ $ $

Unique and versatile, this lounge chair has all the elegance and bearing of a Lady, uniting differen..

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Mogul Desk $ $ $ $ $

The splendid Mogul Desk is an expression of architectural modernism, with its minor and major concep..

New Arrival

Galet Side Table $ $ $ $ $

A pebble, with its imperfect regularity, now becomes a fabulous piece of Italian furniture with Gale..

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