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Scott Keramik Table


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Product Code: cas-ci-scott-keramik-table-01

The elegant Scott Keramik Table stands out for its sculptural central base, consisting of two curved and overlapping metal plates, as if to form the collar of a shirt. The optical effect is rigid, with well-defined edges that highlight the precision with which the proportions and curves of the two layers have been studied. An exclusive finish is introduced for the base of this contemporary dining table: the Oxybrass oxidized brass finish is entirely hand-brushed and has an oxidizing tinge that darkens towards the ground. The rectangular or shaped top in marble-effect ceramic, is available in a number of fascinating tones to suit a variety of tastes.

Taking inspiration from modern sculptural techniques and applying them to design, this luxury Italian furniture piece was born to be contemplated, just like a work of art. Designed by Cattelan Italia. Made in Italy.

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