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Showcasing elegant designs, the Glamour Italian furniture collection at Cassoni offers the best in high-end designer bedroom pieces. Our luxury Bedroom Furniture from Italy is built from exclusive materials such as noble woods, magnificent marbles, top quality fabrics and leathers. All crafted by unequaled craftsmen, and designed with the beauty of the Glamour style.

An exceptional piece that represents the essence of the Glamour style is the Orwell Italian Dresser. With frame beautifully covered in leather, velvet, cashmere or all in wood. Top in bronze or smoky mirror, black glass, wood or marble. Optional with delicate lighting from the back, gently illuminating the wall creating a dazzling effect.

Luxury Italian beds and daybeds, high-end nightstands and dressers. This Glamour bedroom collection offers everything for high-end projects including luxury wardrobes and closets, stylish designer ottomans and benches. Made in Italy.
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