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Cassoni LLC Shipping Policy


Warehouse Delivery
The Pieces will be received at Cassoni’s warehouse in Florida, and transported to your receiving warehouse in your State within the Continental USA. Deliveries outside the USA continental region will be arranged on a by case scenario. Please request a separate quote for these cases.  This service does not include assembly of the pieces. The pieces will be transported in their original factory boxes and in wooden pallets or wooden cases.

White Glove Delivery
This is a higher end shipping; it includes a personalized delivery in a separate truck to your client’s property. Unloading of the pieces, moving the pieces inside the property, unpacking / uncrating, placing them in the room of preference, complete assembly and installation, clean-up of the debris.  Note: assembly is not included for lighting fixtures, according to state laws you will require a certified electrician to complete this task. Hanging or securing pieces to walls (I.E. mirrors, back panels, clocks, etc.) is not included either. 

Delivery Cost.
The pricing calculated by the website applies only to deliveries within the continental United States. If you need a delivery to USA islands or a different country, please contact us and we will provide you the shipping cost to your destination. 

Deliveries in continents other than the Americas.
If your shipping is not destined to South, Central or North America, we will ship directly from Italy to your destination. Please contact Cassoni for a quote. 

Delivery Date is an Estimate.
The delivery date shown in the Order Form Contract is intended to be an estimate. Because these Products are shipped from overseas, actual delivery date may vary. Cassoni will not warrant date of delivery nor be responsible for any delay whatsoever. In NO case will a delay give a right to the Purchaser to cancel the order, part of it or demand damages. 

Due Balance.
The balance due on the order must be paid prior to the date of pick up or delivery of the Products.  

Shipping time.
The shipping time from our Miami warehouse to your receiving warehouse or private address within the Continental USA will take 1-7 business days depending on the exact physical location. If you are in need of urgent shipping please contact Cassoni to review your options and the cost for expedited delivery.  

For more information please review the Cassoni Terms & Conditions.