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Table Lamps

Cassoni has a wonderful collection of luxury Contemporary Italian Murano Table Lamps. The most luxurious light fixtures, providing Interior Designers and Architects of high-end Contemporary Lighting Collections including these Italian Designer Murano glass table lamps. Unique lighting pieces that will give the final refined touch to any designer room.

As an example, here we present the exquisite and luxurious Italian New Rinascimento Murano Table Lamp, a versatile and eye-catching luxury designer lighting fixture with a glass shade, engraved and sanded and a beautiful crystal ''finale'' detail. This luxury Table Lamp in Murano glass transmits much personality and sophistication, mixing in a classy way contemporary and traditional concepts and techniques.

At Cassoni you'll find wide high-end contemporary Italian lighting collections, including the best luxury Murano glass table lamps from Italy.

Made in Italy.
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Amsterdam Table Lamp $ $ $ $ $

A luxury Amsterdam Table lamp in Murano glass, characterized by the crystal rostral, like the homony..

Ercole Table Lamp $ $ $ $ $

Inspired by an original idea by Ercole Barovier in the 1940s and created using the exclusive  ‘..

Eva Table Lamp $ $ $ $ $

The great “hanging” ogives identify this collection made up of table, floor and hanging lamps. Black..

Marta Table Lamp $ $ $ $ $

Spheres featuring a bark-effect texture are the highlight of this family of lamps that includes susp..

Medina Table Lamp $ $ $ $ $

This table lamp is part of a shapely collection with Boteroesque contours and generous dimensions. A..

My Marylin Table Lamp $ $ $ $ $

Diffuser made of white glass and precious rock crystals that, like bracelets, wrap around the base o..

Opéra Table Lamp $ $ $ $ $

The luxury Italian Opéra Table Lamp, inspired by the Opéra Garnier, stands out for its eclectic, dec..

Pigalle Table Lamp $ $ $ $ $

A table lamp with a lavish central body with soft-shape elements that are wrought using different te..

Ran Table Lamp $ $ $ $ $

A table lamp that comes in three different heights and in six colors, the ideal companion to the Ran..

Rive Gauche Table Lamp $ $ $ $ $

A table lamp that recalls the 1950s, characterized by the galvanized gold base and the golden sphere..

Rotterdam Table Lamp $ $ $ $ $

A table lamp that is characterized by the crystal rostral, like the homonymous chandeliers of which ..

Saint Germain Table Lamp $ $ $ $ $

A table lamp that recall the 1950s, characterized by the galvanized gold base and the golden sphere ..

Samurai Table Lamp $ $ $ $ $

From an Angelo Barovier model of 1966, a table lamp and hanging lamp with generous dimensions (39’’3..

Sara Table Lamp $ $ $ $ $

Soft shades and slender lines for this table lamp that is enhanced by the addition of a gilt leaf de..

Twins Table Lamp $ $ $ $ $

The central body of this table lamp, very material and ''heavy'', recaptures the same workmanship of..

Veronese Table Lamp $ $ $ $ $

The exquisitely pure lines of the vase painted by Venetian painter Veronese are given an elegant, co..

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