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Wall Lamps & Sconces

Handpicked collection of Contemporary Italian Murano Wall Lamps at Cassoni. Luxury Murano glass wall sconces with the finest designs, using high quality materials such as gold plated metal parts, stainless steel and high-end crystals. These Designer Murano Wall Lamps are part of Cassoni's extraordinary collection of luxury designer Italian Lighting in the Contemporary style. Hand-blown glass luminaries that will bring delicate elegance to any Interior Design or Architectural projects.

The luxury Italian Alumina Wall Lamp is a wonderful example of this Contemporary Designer Lighting collection. Big sized, but still giving an appearance of lightness and constructed on a satin-finish bronze serpentine, that recalls the criss-crossing of pipes from old industrial plants. This Alumina Murano glass wall lamp is made with five quadrangular elements decorated with submerged bubbles all completely hand-crafted.  A modern design using traditional techniques and materials, creating this contemporary lighting mix that will stand out in any designer room.

High-end Contemporary Italian Murano Lighting Collections at Cassoni, including these luxury Murano glass wall lamps and designer sconces from Italy.
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Alumina Wall Lamp

When one speaks of a wall light, we always think of something reasonable small, but this is definiti..

Gallia Wall Lamp

A family of elegant lamps inspired by regular, classical lines and rendered timeless by the warm and..

Isik Wall Lamp

A wall lamp that acts as a counterpart to the more slender Torvik.Beige gold bowl and an end-decorat..

Medina Wall Lamp

A shapely collection with Boteroesque contours and generous dimensions. The two wall lamp in tw..

Mood Taif Wall Lamp

2-light wall sconce borrowing the name from equally famous chandelier: Taif. Franco Raggi, designer ..

Mood Wall Lamp

Franco Raggi, designer of the Mood chandeliers, reinterprets some historical models collections givi..

New Rinascimento Wall Lamp

A line of versatile eye-catching lamps that are also standalone interior design features.The glass s..

Pandora Wall Lamp

Graceful like creatures from a distant planet who are floating among the natives of a fantasy world,..

Pigalle Wall Lamp

This unusually shaped wall lamp matches perfectly the other lamps from the same collection, whose di..

Plissé Wall Lamp

Wall sconce directly inspired by the classic ancient tradition. A patented technique is used fo..

Plissé Wall Lamp

Wall sconce directly inspired by the classic ancient tradition. A patented technique is used fo..

Spade Wall Lamp

Ceiling lamp and wall lamp featuring the traditional ''leaf” element. Visible metal parts in polishe..

Torvik Wall Lamp

Classically-shaped, almost Greek: a beige gold bowl and an end-decoration of the same color, joined ..

Twins Wall Lamp

The characteristic of this wall lamp is the twisted glass arms, always transparent, holding the lamp..

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