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Wall Lamps & Sconces

Cassoni showcases a refined luxury Italian Murano glass Lighting Collection, featuring high-end designer luminaries from Italy such as these luxury Traditional lighting collection of Murano Wall Lamps. Sticking to classic design concepts and ancient hand-blowing technics by expert artisans, this selection of Traditional Italian Murano glass Wall Lamps & Designer Sconces is just exquisite. 

The Italian Palace Murano Wall Lamp is one of the luxury light fixtures of this high-end lighting collection, composed of entirely handmade ‘‘leaf’‘ crystal elements. Available in Crystal, Gold or Champagne colors. An elegant and sophisticated Italian designer Murano wall applique ideal to add decorative lighting to refined rooms.

Cassoni's luxury Italian Murano glass lighting collection includes these luxury Traditional Wall Lamps and designer Murano glass Sconces.

Made in Murano, Italy.
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4604 Wall Lamp $ $ $ $ $

A high-end, Traditional Italian Murano Wall Lamp, full of decorative elements in Murano glass.Availa..

4607 Wall Lamp $ $ $ $ $

The most classic Venetian wall lamp, impressive in its magnificence. Multitude of decorations and th..

Excelsior Wall Lamp $ $ $ $ $

A series of classic ceiling lamps, with wall sconces and hanging lamps to match, extreme elegance an..

Grand Hotel Wall Lamp $ $ $ $ $

One of the most celebrated of our classic collections, its elegant design and the color range enabli..

Palmette Wall Lamp $ $ $ $ $

A series of striking lighting units based on sectional elements that can be assembled to make anythi..

Piume Wall Lamp $ $ $ $ $

An outstanding series of suspension, ceiling lamps and wall lamps featuring elements fashioned with ..

Spade Wall Lamp $ $ $ $ $

Ceiling lamp and wall lamp featuring the traditional ''leaf” element. Visible metal parts in polishe..

Venezia 1925 Wall Lamp $ $ $ $ $

At the very heart of it all is the culmination of seven hundred years of tradition handed down from ..

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