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At CASSONI you will find the best Italian Furniture, high end Lighting & Outdoor designs with more than 100 Luxury Brands represented. Designer Furniture & Lighting Made in Italy.


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New Arrival

Rihanna ML Armchair $ $ $ $ $

An Italian armchair with soft seat and padded armrests that can delicately complement a room with it..

New Arrival

Ti Coffee Table $ $ $ $ $

The innovative Ti Coffee Table stands out for its peculiar inclinations that create a pleasant effec..

New Arrival

Guapa Armchair $ $ $ $ $

Perfect for a Modern home office, here is the the Italian Guapa armchair with metal structure and a ..

New Arrival

Maxim Argile Table $ $ $ $ $

The sculptural design of the Maxim Argile table stems from the seamless link between its shape, cons..

New Arrival

Tee Console $ $ $ $ $

The Italian Tee console is an example of conceptual and structural minimalism. This elegant piece of..

New Arrival

Trio Side Table $ $ $ $ $

The exclusive Trio Side Table comes in three different sizes to be nested one inside the other or us..

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