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Wall Units & Bookcases

Modern high-end Italian Bookcases and luxury Designer Wall Units are featured by Cassoni in this sophisticated Italian Furniture collection. A wide variety of sizes and intriguing shapes, with open shelves or closed containers and in high-quality materials including all in glass designer bookcases or with structures in metal or polyethylene. High-end Modern Italian Furniture ideal for designer houses with trend and luxury Home Decor.

The Italian Designer Tilt Bookcase is an asymmetrical luxury bookshelf with open back and all in wood with white lacquer finish. Its unique shape brings a great dynamism allowing to play with the decor. Ideal for Modern Interior Design or Architectural projects looking for exclusive and sophisticated Modern luxury Italian Furniture.

Elegant and refined furniture such as these Italian designer Wall Units, Luxury Modern Bookcases and Italian high-end Bookshelves at Cassoni.

Made in Italy.
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36e8 Wall Unit - Comp. 0175

Composition 36e8_storage_0175High-end Italian 36e8 Wall unit composed by open and closed storage uni..

36e8 Wall Unit - Comp. 0177

Composition wildwood_storage_0177High-end Italian designer Wall unit composed by closed storage..

36e8 Wall Unit - Comp. 0210

Composition livingroom_0210High-end Italian 36e8 Wall Unit composed by closed storage units with pol..

36e8 Wall Unit - Comp. 0241

Composition livingroom_0241High-end Italian designer Wall unit composed by closed storage units..

36e8 Wall Unit - Comp. 0267

Composition side_storage_0267High-end Italian designer Wall unit composed by closed storage units wi..

36e8 Wall Unit - Comp. 0346

Composition livingroom_0346Luxury Italian Wall unit composed by closed storage units with polished g..

36e8 Wall Unit - Comp. 0373

Composition 36e8_storage_0373Italian designer Wall unit with closed and open storage units in MDF an..

36e8 Wall Unit - Comp. 155

Composition Livingroom_155Luxury Italian 36e8 Wall unit with structure in MDF and door-fronts in fum..

36e8 Wall Unit - Comps. 0183-0204-0393

Compositions wildwood_storage_0183, wildwood_storage_0204 and wildwood_storage_0393wildwoo..

36e8 Wall Unit - Comps. 0238-0237-0264

Compositions livingroom_0238, livingroom_0237 and livingroom_0264livingroom_0238:High-end Italian de..

36e8 Wall Unit - Comps. 0261-0262

Compositions livingroom_0261 and livingroom_0262livingroom_0261: Luxury Italian Wall unit composed b..

36e8 Wall Unit - Comps. 0372-0178

Compositions glass_storage_0372 and livingroom_0178glass_storage_0372:Luxury Italian Wall unit compo..

April Bookcase

A new concept of an object within an object, a range of shelving units with a strong personality. A ..

Cubic Bookcase

Cubic is a fixed or revolving bookcase with a matt lacquered black or white frame. Also available in..

Cubic Glass Bookcase

Cubic glass is a revolving bookcase with a mirrored base and extra light transparent or smoked black..

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Delphi Bookcase

The Delphi bookcase is an adjoining unit in extra light or smoked glass. It is also available lacque..

Fun Bookcase

Fun is a modular side-by-side bookcase which can be wall-mounted or free-standing. Its apparently ir..

June Bookcase

A new concept of an object within an object, a range of shelving units with a strong personality. A ..

Kolta Bookcase

Steel modular bookcase to be used individually or to create a bookcase composition. Possibility to b..

May Bookcase

A new concept of an object within an object, a range of shelving units with a strong personality. A ..

Note Bookcase

A pentagram where the notes are the books which are arranged to the owner's liking to reflect the im..

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