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That's Life Sofa


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    Dimensions: 122"3/8W  x  49"1/4D  x  35"3/8H
    Seat Height: 16"1/2
    Armrest Height: 24"3/8
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Product Code: cas-ark-thats-life-sofa-01
That’s life is an exclusive Italian sofa characterized for its tall cushions, angled armrests, and deep seating position. Autonomous platforms, both soft and rigid, come together in compositions that can be extended in virtually any direction to meet the various needs of domestic arrangement. Elegant back and side tables combine different types of wood with marble in imaginative juxtapositions. The gentle volumes of the armrests and backrests widen slightly toward the outer edges, as if beckoning in invitation. The pure, essential design of this luxury Italian furniture piece, composed with geometric rigor, is immediately perceptible, and its vivid, layered lines have a dramatic appeal that’s all their own. Made in Italy.

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