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Olà Ceiling Lamp

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Stunning Olà Ceiling lamp with powder coated metal frame and exclusive coated Italian glass pendants that create a unique lighting effect.

This luxury Italian lighting is available in the following color combinations:
A) Matt white frame with cold colored pendants;
B) Silver leaf frame with transparent pendants;
C) Oxide red frame with amber colored pendants;
D) Matt bronze frame with warm colored pendants;
E) Gold leaf frame with amber colored pendants;
F) Copper leaf frame with copper colored pendants;
G) Blue navy frame with amber colored pendants;
H) Burnished frame with amber colored pendants.

Elegant lighting fixture with LED lighting system. UL Approved.

An Italian designer lighting, plenty of beauty and charm, perfect for any area of the House or Contract projects. Made in Italy.

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Product Code: cas-mas-ola-ceiling-lamp-01

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