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La Belle Étoile Wall/Ceiling Lamp


La Belle Étoile is a versatile wall or ceiling lamp inspired by the soft flounce of a tutù and the organic perfection of a fresh blossom. This luxury piece of Italian lighting combines the technology of an exclusive magnetic hanging system, facilitating fast substitution of the central LED, with contemporary design that uses transparent and texturally-printed materials. The unbreakable yet almost weightless lamp is completely handcrafted in Italy, with a soft, luminous LED source that can be dimmed from full illumination to a supple ambient glow to compliment its surroundings.

La Belle Étoile brings luxurious glamour to any modern interior, accentuating it with a touch of refined elegance. Made in Italy.

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Product Code: cas-sla-la-belle-etoile-wall-lamp-01


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